Are you having an issue with what type of makeup bag you need?

Small makeup bag

  • Length: 7” & under

  • This bag is normally for small things on the go; Fits in standards purses.

  • Products for this size: Lip liner, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Eyebrows pencils, Eyeliner, Lash Glue, Lashes, Mascara and any mini makeup products.

Medium makeup bag

  • Length: 8”-10”

  • This bag is used for someone who’s trying to take a nice but fairly small amount of products with you for the day or a small trip; fits in standard purses. This size is used by a lot of makeup bags that are sold in stores.

  • Products for this size: Any compact products for blush, Concealer, Eyeshadows, Foundation, and Highlighter, a few brushes, Blender, any Mini Setting Spray, Primer, Eyeshadow Palette, and mini or full size Mascara

Large Makeup Bag

  • Length: 10.5 - 13”

  • This bag is the most common makeup bag size. This is used to hold ladies "who don't have not too much makeup". It also use a the main storage for ladies makeup. I love to use this size bag for events like fashion shows.

  • Products for this size: Foundation, Concealer, Brushes, a Beauty Blender, Highlighter, setting Spray, Primer, Mascara, mini Eyeshadow Palette , mini Flat Iron

XL Makeup Bag

  • Length: 14” and bigger

  • This bag is normally used for storage, traveling and big. This is my favorite size for traveling.

  • Products for this size: Beauty blenders, Blushes, Full Brushes Set, Concealer, Liners (eye & lips), Eyeshadow Palettes, Foundation, Highlighters, Mascara, Primer, Setting Spray, and any loose products

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