It’s 2021, STOP IT!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Today’s “Stop It” is Milk of Magnesia…. It’s time to let it go! I know that Milk of Magnesia has been holding you and all the MUA’s down for years but it’s time for a break up. This product is a laxative used to relieve stomach discomfort NOT our face. Before anyone feels away, I was on the team too!

So for a little background, I started having acne problems and oily skin once I graduated from college (2016). For a minute, I stopped creating looks but your girl can’t go too long without being creative with my makeup looks. I went through F**k it phase first. Just out here with a shiny face. You guys, I HATED IT but I wasn't trying to really sit and do my research. You know, just being lazy! So I started talking to my friends who are make-up users to see what they are using for oily skin. I was introduced to Miss Magnesia. Chile, let me tell you it was good then it was BADDDDDDD. My acne got worse! (No picture this time beauties) I was doing everything in my power to get rid of my acne (went to three different dermatologists, tried different products, & getting facials). I literally wanted to cry. So I finally did my research.

My Research

Product: Milk Of Magnesia

pH: 10.5 (Alkaline ph isn’t good for your skin.)

Why? Our skin has a natural pH that isn't as acidic as MOM. When you are using MOM, you are allowing MOM to kill your good bacteria. Your good bacteria is there to help fight off bacteria from entering in your skin. MOM is also remove

moisture from skin (hence why all YouTube videos using it says you need to apply moisturizer before starting). Our skin pH is normally between 5-8. So using a product that has a pH of 10.5 (higher than your skin) is going to cause some serious damage to your skin. The crazy thing is you may not see the damage until months or years after using it. BEAUTIES DON’T BE LIKE ME! There are so many good primers for oily skin. Do your research before you use these hacks.


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