Hey Beauties! I truly thank you for being a part of my new journey. I created this as a blog but the more I learn, the more I grow. I’ve been busy doing other people's makeup.... YES! You read that right honey. I’ve been blessed with opportunities and new clients since May. I know I don’t share my work but that’s my fault. I will tell myself to get content and then boom I remember after I’m no longer with my clients. So I’m asking for content from clients and that’s not easy at times. At least Throwback Thursdays are going to be great though. 😂😂

I have made a few purchases to help me with creating content for my blog. I can’t wait for everything to come in and to get started creating again. I heard there could be a collaboration with other companies coming soon.

-Cherry ✌🏾

P.S. I finally got the link list, check me out.

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