Who Is Cherry? What is Cherry’s Beauty?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

My name is Kendall Cherry. I was introduced to makeup back in Summer 2008. I was attending a friend of mine’s sleepover and one of our friends had a very cute makeup set (eyeshadows, blush, & Lips) from Claire’s. So, like every other girly sleepover, we did our own makeup and BOY was my face filled with some glitter and little color.

Hey, I didn’t know any better! BUT now its 2020 and I‘m a certified MUA. I got certified as a birthday gift to myself and right after I got it I had SO much anxiety. How am I going to grow my clientele? Will people take me seriously? Why didn’t I take a picture when I did my friends and family makeup? Am I ready for this? Etc. Etc. Etc. I allowed my anxiety take over so much to the point I was scared to do makeup on my friends. I didn't tell anyone about my problem because I didn’t feel like it is was that important since COVID 19 had just hit. Do not get me wrong, I was still creating different looks on myself.

This past weekend I did my makeup for a photoshoot, I came up with this idea instead of creating a YouTube or Instagram page. Then I thought, how about a makeup blog where I don’t have worry to about too much. So with that being said, I would like to introduce you to my first blog on Cherry’s Beauty. On Cherry’s Beauty, you will find makeup talk, tutorials, spotlights, and reviews. So Stay tuned!

-Cherry ❤️

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